Oracle JDeveloper Studio Edition v12. Free Win/Linux [2023]

Oracle JDeveloper Studio Edition v12. Free Win/Linux [2023]

Oracle JDeveloper Studio Edition v12. Latest Version Free Download

Oracle JDeveloper Studio Edition crack is an integrated development environment that is free of cost and makes it easier to create Java-based apps that cover every stage of the application life cycle.JDeveloper provides full end-to-end development services for Oracle apps and the Oracle platform.
This a feature-rich and useful software package for people who need to create Java EE and SOA applications.

For developers to programme commercial applications, it offers a productive development environment that incorporates multiple features and alternatives including Java, SOA, Web, Database, XML, and Web services.JDeveloper provides developers with an environment built on a multi-layer framework, which enhances their productivity. It has every anticipated tool needed to develop an application for any of its products.

Provide every anticipated device to complete the application’s life cycle. Multiple programming environments, including HTML, Java, XML, PHP, and databases, are integrated by JDeveloper. Users may now create top-notch commercial apps with exceptional quality in every process thanks to Oracle JDeveloper.

Oracle JDeveloper Studio Edition v12. Free Download

You can select the position that best fits your demands when you first launch the programme, including Studio, Customization, Database, Java, or Java EE Developer, among others. The IDE opens when the chosen role loads, allowing you to manage your projects and begin modelling your applications with ease. If you would like to modify the role that you have chosen, you can access the Roles pages through the Preferences menu.

The application’s left panel contains the “Application Navigator” component, which shows a hierarchical tree view of all of your projects. You can modify the project source paths, look for particular files, and launch the chosen project from this point on.

Oracle JDeveloper Studio Edition

You can change the code’s structure using the Refactor function, which comes with practically every IDE platform, without changing the way the programme behaves. You can add additional fields, variables, parameters, and constants, extract superclasses, and encapsulate fields using the right-click menu.

A visual HTML5 editor is also included in Oracle JDeveloper, which aids Java web developers in expanding rich web page design. You may also construct database tables, establish and utilise online services, and develop iOS and Android apps for the device.

To sum it up, Oracle JDeveloper proves to be a stable and efficient solution when it comes to simplifying the build development process and building applications that take advantage of a multitude of full-featured technologies.

Features of Oracle JDeveloper for PC

  • Java SE 9 Support
  • Code Editor
  • Code Navigation
  • Refactoring
  • Swing
  • Unit Test
  • Version Control
  • Audit and Metrics
  • Debugging
  • Profiling
  • Ant Support
  • Maven Support
  • XML Support
  • Open API and Extensions
  • User Assistance

FAQs For Oracle JDeveloper Studio Edition:

  1. What is Oracle JDeveloper Studio Edition, and what can I use it for?
    • Oracle JDeveloper Studio Edition is a comprehensive Integrated Development Environment (IDE) designed for developing Java-based enterprise applications. You can use it for building web applications, mobile applications, desktop applications, and more.
  2. Is Oracle JDeveloper Studio Edition free to use?
    • Oracle JDeveloper Studio Edition is available for free and can be downloaded from the Oracle Technology Network. However, it’s important to note that Oracle offers both a free version and a paid version with additional features. You should review the licensing terms to understand which version is suitable for your needs.
  3. Which programming languages and technologies are supported in JDeveloper?
    • Oracle JDeveloper supports Java and other related technologies such as Java EE (Enterprise Edition), HTML, JavaScript, SQL, and XML. It also provides tools for working with various Oracle databases and middleware services.
  4. How can I integrate Oracle JDeveloper with Oracle databases and services?
    • JDeveloper provides seamless integration with Oracle databases and services. You can create data connections to Oracle databases, use built-in tools for database development, and access Oracle Cloud services for application deployment and management.
  5. What are the system requirements for installing Oracle JDeveloper Studio Edition?
    • System requirements can change with different versions of JDeveloper, so it’s essential to consult the official Oracle documentation or website for the most up-to-date information. Typically, JDeveloper requires a compatible Java Development Kit (JDK) and may have specific hardware and software prerequisites depending on the edition and version.

System Requirements

    • Processor: Intel or AMD Dual-Core Processor 3 GHz
    • RAM: 1 Gb RAM
    • Hard Disk: 1 Gb Hard Disk Space

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Oracle JDeveloper Studio Edition v12. Free Win/Linux [2023]


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