Nova Launcher Prime Apk Crack Free Latest Download [2022]

Nova Launcher Prime APK is one of the best launcher apps for Android phones. This app helps to give your phone an attractive look. If you want to download this Nova Launcher Prime Safe APK then you are on the right website. Below is some information about Nova Launcher Pro APK and a link to download this app. This is accompanied by the features of Nova Launcher Prime. If you want to customize your Android phone by installing this app. Continue reading this post to the end.

This amazing program only requires you to go through your endless scroll through the application of your choice. You can also rename color icons with different color schemes. You can easily change the size of your desired figure on this modern lawn.

In short, Navy Launcher 7.0.57 Crack offers hidden applications that you don’t want to show with other forms. Uninstalling an app from Nova is more comfortable and faster. You can select multiple applications for installation or removal by simply clicking on the cross. Navy Launcher Prime Apk 2022 Free Download also restores an instant copy of all installed applications. So every time you change your device, you can easily install a new launcher and restore all your applications. The launcher offers another slide, double slider or pinches function on the mobile screen with different gestures.

Undoubtedly, Nova Launcher Prime Apk Free will change everything on your mobile phone, but you will not be able to touch certain parts of your mobile phone. Want to know what the things are that haven’t been touched at any of the launches? It has a notification bar, specific app icons, and a lock screen. If you want to customize them, you need to customize the ROM file.

There are many launches that do not fit any theme. So only use themes that look good and match the launch. Most of the stock theme launches are good and easy to customize.

Features of Nova Launcher Prime APK

  • All popular playground packages are supported.
  • Allows you to color the icons.
  • or look at the center of the grid cell.
  • It is much better and faster.
  • Controls the color of stickers, folders, tags, drawers, and wallpaper.
  • Flexible application framework.
  • Widgets grouped by application make it much easier.
  • Take personal shortcuts with seasonal resources.
  • Unlimited roll is not far from your favorite site.
  • It can be imported from the most popular boot system.
  • Constantly lifts through the tabletop or drawer.
  • A sophisticated backup/restore system that can back up your desktop configuration and startup configuration.
  • Create multiple documents and scroll between them.
  • Place all widgets, such as the 4K1 music player, in the dock.
  • Launch your favorite apps with a swipe, pinch, double tap, and even on the property screen
  • Unread Really badges for hangouts, SMS, G-mail and more using the direct TeslaUnread plug-in
  • Custom raffle teams: Create new folders or tabs from the application drawer
  • Hide applications: Simply hide the unused programs and maintain a fresh program drawer
  • Icon swipes: Establish custom activities to swipe app folders or shortcuts
  • As a result, by rubbing this launcher on the phone,
  • You can change the image of the applications near the application authority and the whole arrangement of the phone.
  • License Me You know that no application is absolutely guaranteed at this time.
  • Either way, two or three uses reduce security risks, and two or three uses increase security risks.
  • Nova Launcher Master drains your phone’s battery.
  • Assuming you have a phone, then your phone will unmistakably have different types of uses at that time.
  • In addition, when you run any use of the remote control or open the application, at that time the
  • application uses the phone’s assets such as processor, squash, and ROM.
  • From now on, you run an application on your phone.
  • Nova Launcher Expert is an application that brings all the functionality of your phone into one application department and displays it instantly.

What’s New in Latest Version

  • Bugs Fixed
  • Speed Increased
  • It is more compatible with all Android models.
  • Hide different applications with more secure passwords.
  • It is a fast and straightforward launcher to properly transform your device’s home screen with more advanced settings.

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Change Application Icons – Nova Launcher MOD APK

Topic and application symbols are also important to show your style. The Nova Launcher APK symbol store has a variety of symbols. It is updated daily to concentrate on new applications. As you know, every day Google Play offers a variety of applications. You can choose symbols that match the overall theme of the phone. Or again, if you are an individual, you can change the sign for each application.

Nova Launcher MOD APK with dull mode, night mode

Night Mode is consistently an element that a large number of clients find when using Nova Launcher Prime APK. During the day we are very busy with our work. The night was a fun time to mess around on your phones, like watching movies, catching up on the news, and visiting friends through online media. In this way, the phone’s night mode softens the light and helps protect your eyes. You can set a programmed schedule (at 7:00 PM or 8:00 PM) so that Nova Launcher APK will go into night mode naturally.

In addition, dull mode helps save battery control and reduce the shine of your Android gadget. Likewise, brilliant tones are brought out to prevent eye strain during use.

Unlock extras below with Nova Launcher Prime

  • Gestures – You can open your favorite apps by swiping, pinching, double tapping and more on the home screen
  • Count without reading – never miss a message. Use the Tesla Unread plugin to get unread count
  • marks for Hangouts, SMS, Gmail, and more
  • Custom Drawer Groups – Create new tabs or folders in the app drawer
  • Hide apps – Keep a clean app drawer by hiding apps you never use
  • Icon Swipe – Set custom actions to swipe on app shortcuts or folders
  • More scroll effects – like wipe, accordion, and throw

License Key:


Activation Key:


Nova Launcher Prime 2022 Serial Key:


How to install

  • Download this application from the given link.
  • Click Application and click Run as administrator.
  • Now this application will be fully integrated into your system.
  • Now users can work in this application
  • Enjoy And Lucky Patcher Apk.

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